Revolutionise with
Apple School Manager (ASM)

Revolutionise with Apple School Manager (ASM)

ASM is a free web portal for IT admins, simplifying device setup, app acquisition, and access to Apple services. Seamlessly integrate tools into devices for enhanced learning experiences and automate MDM enrolment.

Zero-Touch Deployment with Great IT Support

As an Apple Authorised Education Specialist (AAES), we offer consultancy, training, deployment, configuration, and testing services. Zero-touch deployment enrols devices in mobile device management (MDM) without IT needing to physically touch them.

Key Features of Apple School Manager


Simplify device setup with MDM, getting Apple devices into classrooms quickly for teachers and students.


Simplify bulk purchases of apps and books for students and teachers, deploying wirelessly to iPads via MDM.


Easy access to Apple services, integrating with existing school systems for seamless authentication.


Allow teachers to view student progress data solely through managed Apple IDs assigned by the school, ensuring strict privacy.

Seize the Collective
Benefits of ASM

ASM empowers educators and administrators with the flexibility to efficiently control and secure student devices, ensuring optimal device management.

Effortless Device Enrolment

Streamline device enrolment in bulk using the Device Enrolment Program (DEP) or out-of-the-box enrolment options available through ASM.

User-Friendly Management

IT admins can effortlessly assign roles, create managed Apple IDs, and integrate with any Student Information System (SIS) for comprehensive user management.

Configuration and Restriction Implementation

Connect ASM to enforce configurations and device restrictions, preventing misuse and blocking unwanted apps or content within educational institutes.

Content Distribution

Utilise simplified content management solutions to efficiently distribute learning content and iBooks to student devices.

Efficient Application Management

Simplify bulk app management with the Volume Purchase Program (VPP). You can easily track and manage apps post-deployment for ongoing control and oversight.

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Become a Change-Makers

Get in touch for customised solutions.