Mac in Education

Mac, perfect for educators and students, now includes Apple M2 chip, macOS 14, Sonoma, delivering robust graphics, enhanced memory, and a Retina display, fostering creativity in a quiet learning space.

A Better Experience with Every Touch

Designed for Enhanced Performance

Renowned for its durability, Mac is armed with cutting-edge technological innovations, meticulously crafted to deliver users an unparalleled computing journey.

MacOS. The Core of Mac Computing

The robust macOS facilitates interactive teaching and learning sessions. With the availability of dynamic tools, users can optimise their productivity and achieve desired outcomes.

The Ultimate Resource for Mac Apps

The Mac App Store gives users access to many educational applications covering diverse arrays of subjects such as arts, languages, mathematics and science.

Apple Suite of Creation Tools

Apps like iMovie, GarageBand, Pages, Numbers, Keynote, and Books – cater to various domains, such as movies, music, documents, spreadsheets, presentations, and multi-touch books. These apps come free of cost with every new Mac and enhance the creativity and designing abilities of hi-ed learners.

Apple Authorised Training
Centre for Education

Apple Authorised Training Centre for Education

Our enterprise, accredited by Apple, offers comprehensive training in a wide range of Apple technologies, including app development, technical support, and digital media production. With industry-standard skills and certifications, we bridge academia to industry.

Mac Lab

More educational institutions are choosing the Mac platform for programming and development courses due to its compatibility with MacOS, Windows, and UNIX. Built on an open-source foundation, it enables the creation of customised apps and supports various computer science and architecture labs.

Multipurpose Labs
for Schools

Mac and iMac computers enhance educational efficiency by integrating subjects like English, Science, Mathematics, and design into a unified hardware platform, ideal for labs with diverse software needs.

Thoughtfully Designed for the Youth of Tomorrow

Protect User Data with Absolute Privacy & Controlled Access

Sustainability at its Best for a Greener and Better Tomorrow

Designed for Universal Accessibility to Empower Everyone

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Become a Change-Maker

Get in touch for customised solutions.