Work From Home
Seamless and Productive

It takes more than remote workstations to get your organisation ready for work from home. Ridham Enterprise can get your team working productively from anywhere. Rely on us to deploy enterprise WFH solutions in no time.

Make technology work for you with Ridham Enterprise, trusted Apple Authorised Reseller

We promise to bring you solutions that help you do better, and do more.  We’ll help you deploy the best technology from Apple and other leading edge brands, to equip your teams with the most effective tools for business and personal productivity.

Apple iPad with Apple Pencil - let your students' imagination soar to new heights.

Technology in Education

We specialise in implementing remote learning solutions at scale. From mobile learning devices to fantastic teaching and learning apps to wireless device management and security, we’ll help you transition in no time. We’ll even train the teachers and students, to help them get started.

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Robust technology solutions for businesses, seamless deployment and great service by Apple Authorised Reseller Ridham Enterprise

Technology for Business

The right technological solutions can boost the productivity of individuals and teams, and support both topline and bottomline growth. Being an Apple Authorised Reseller, we have the expertise to bring you the most optimal solutions, implement seamlessly and ease technological transitions through training and counselling support for your people. 

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Technology solutions that bring more efficiency in healthcare. Organisation-wide deployment of Apple products and related software solutions by Ridham Enterprise, Apple Authorised Reseller in Ahmedabad, Gujarat

Technology for Healthcare

When doctors, technicians and nursing staff can make full use of today’s healthcare technology, they can save more lives and help patients better. We can make the connection between your existing infrastructure with top of the line technology more seamlessly.

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Top of the line hardware and software solutions for media companies and creative teams, including iMac, Macbook Pro and more by Ridham Enterprise, Ahmedabad, Gujarat

Technology for Media
& Creative Teams

We like to see things as science or art, but in reality, science can take art to a whole new level. Todays powerful computers and sophisticated apps can push content creators to new realms of imagination and execution. We can put together seamless technology solutions, so you can focus on what you do best.

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Affordable, cost efficient technology solutions including computers, iPads and useful software by Ridham Enterprise, Apple Authorised Reseller in Ahmedabad, Gujarat

Technology for Startups
& SMEs

Startups need solutions which are effective, affordable and seamlessly scalable. And which allow them to plug and play with anything, anywhere. They need to be nimble, mobile and connected, but keep overheads low. We have the right solutions and best practices for startups and small enterprises. 

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A flexible, customisable, inexpensive Remote Learning App made for Schools – iGnite

iGnite is the most flexible, customisable and affordable e-learning solution made for schools and educational institutions by Ridham Enterprise.

It’s made for schools and educational institutes.
Unlike other popular e-learning apps, iGnite allows schools to modify course content, add their own custom content and reorganise the courseware according to their needs. This makes sure students always have access to relevant content chosen by their school. iGnite is India’s only app which allows institutes to fully distribute their own custom content to students.

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Introducing technology in traditional businesses – IT and people management in equal measure

Best practices for introducing technology into traditional organisations

After deploying technology at dozens of traditional Indian organisations — schools, pharmaceutical companies, media agencies and more — we have realised technological transformations first need change in mindsets. Read more about insights and best practices for helping teams embrace technology, not endure it.

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The largest ever deployment of mobile devices for school students in India

iGnite - remote learning app for schools and educational institutions

Implementing 7,000 iPads at a Rajkot school within 2 weeks was not a challenge, but a basketful of challenges. Here we share all our learnings from deployment to the unboxing experience to remote device management and training teachers and students.

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