Deployed 7,000 iPads in 2 Weeks for Students & Teachers at a Private School in Rajkot, Gujarat

In May 2019, one school approached us for the procurement and implementation of 7,000 iPads to enable remote learning for their students. Despite the ambitious timeline of 2 weeks, we embraced the challenge wholeheartedly. Our mission is to empower change-makers with effective tools, encompassing hardware, software, consultancy, and technological support. When a progressive school in Rajkot, Gujarat, sought our assistance for this monumental task, we eagerly embarked on the journey, bringing together over 50 engineers to make it a reality.

Equipped Students
for Career Success

The successful deployment of iPads brought about transformative changes:

Enhanced Learning

Learning transcended the boundaries of the classroom, fostering a continuous state of education for students.


Both students and teachers unanimously acknowledged a significant improvement in learning efficiency.

Personalised Attention

Teachers could meticulously evaluate each student's progress, offering personalised attention.

Parental Satisfaction

Parents appreciated the personalised attention and real-time progress monitoring facilitated by the iPads.

Seamless Transition

Amidst the sudden lockdown, students continued learning seamlessly, unaffected by the disruption.

Successful Execution by the REPL Team

Procurement and Assignment

We procured, labelled, and assigned 7,000 iPads to students and teachers.

Secure Device Management

Implemented a robust Mobile Device Management infrastructure for comprehensive control over the devices.

Educational Tool Integration

Installed specialised educational tools like the Apple Classroom app and Apple Schoolwork app to enhance the learning experience.

Device Protection

Each iPad was encased and secured in protective covers to ensure durability.

Training Sessions

Conducted thorough training sessions for teachers on device usage, app functionalities, and student device management.

Student Instruction

Provided comprehensive instructions and training to students on effectively utilising iPads and remote learning apps.

Insights, Best Practices & ROI

Scale of Deployment

This deployment marked a significant milestone in educational technology adoption in India.

Change of Management

Developing phased, strategic approaches to technology integration prevented overwhelming teachers and students.

Maximising ROI

Exploring strategies to optimise the return on investment for implementing cutting-edge Apple technology in educational settings