Deploying 7,000 iPads for students & teachers at a private school in Rajkot, Gujarat

Deploying 7,000 iPads for students & teachers at a private school in Rajkot, Gujarat

Alt- Tackling change and a challenging time (limit): Deploying 7000 iPads in 2 weeks

In May 2019, one school approached us for the procurement and implementation of 7,000 iPads to enable remote learning for their students. This implementation was required in an ambitious timeline of 2 weeks, but we were up for the challenge nonetheless!

At Ridham Enterprise, we have been on a mission to empower change-makers with the most effective tools – hardware, software, consultancy and technological support.

So, when a progressive school from Rajkot, Gujarat approached us to help deploy 7,000 iPads within 2 weeks, we jumped at the ambitious project. We had a joint meeting to decide the plan of action and then got to work on the massive implementation with 50+ engineers.


Here is how we executed the largest deployment of iPads in a school in India — within 2 weeks:


1. 7,000 iPads were procured, labelled and assigned to students and teachers
2. Secure Mobile Device Management infrastructure was implemented for full control on devices
3. Specialised educational tools like Apple Classroom app and Apple Schoolwork app were installed
4. Each device was encased and secured in protective covers
5. Teachers were thoroughly trained on the usage of devices and apps, and management of student devices
6. Students too were instructed and trained on usage of their iPads and remote-learning apps


Result — More Power To Students
Once the teachers got around the initial hitches, they realised what a boon the iPads were. Learning was now not limited just to school, but became a continuous state of mind for the students.

Over the next few weeks, both students as well as teachers acknowledged that learning had become much more efficient
Teachers could now evaluate every student meticulously and help each student learn better
Parents were happy with the personalised attention their children received, and the fact that they could monitor their progress in real time.

When the lockdown hit the world out of the blue, most schools were grappling with the new reality and trying to come up with a solution, and the students went on missing classes consequently. Yet, some students continued learning from their teachers seamlessly without missing a school-day. Today, all of us can be proud of the visionary approach of several such schools that made learning more effective, practical and consistent for the students.


Insights, Best Practices and ROI


This was the ‘largest ever’ deployment of educational mobile devices in any school in India. We believe it is a sign of things to come.
While working on this project, we chanced upon critical insights about induction of technology in traditional learning cultures. We have developed many best practices for phase-wise introduction of change, so as to not overwhelm the teachers and the students with it. Finally, we have fleshed out several ideas to improve the ROI for implementing top-of-the-line Apple technology in schools.