Partnering With The Best

We have attracted, and have been attracted to, several organisations who share our purpose of empowering change-makers with world-changing technology. These long and successful partnerships are testimony to our dedication, passion and expertise in deployment of of top-of-the-line technology solutions.


Ridham Enterprise is a trusted deployment partner for Apple. Our long standing relationship has allowed us to demonstrate the benefits of Apple products, and implement top notch solutions at scale.


We partner with the leaders in hardware and software technology who power the most powerful organisations in the world. These partnerships help us put together the best technology solutions for small and large organisations with different needs.

Technology is changing the world faster than ever, and businesses need to harness this change rather than get bogged down by it. We partner with ones leading this change, to help you leverage the new advantages and efficiencies offered by technology.


These partnerships help us discover the latest innovations across applications, continuously upskill our teams, and build the most current solutions for your business. They also continue to remind us what world class technology and customer service look like.