Implementing iPad Technology at a Cambridge School in Aligarh, UP, for Enhanced Learning Experience.

In March 2022, A Cambridge School approached us for the procurement & implementation of 75 iPads. The product implementation was done in just 1 week.

Cambridge School Group owns the Delhi Public School, Aligarh, and being a new school in their establishment with a Cambridge curriculum, they wanted to equip the school with all high-tech provisions.

At REPL, We provide flexible & versatile services starting from the management of IT assets, to deploying them, training staff & teachers, and lastly also providing financial care & support.

We are on a mission to empower change-makers with the most effective tools – hardware, software, consultancy, and technological support. So, when the Cambridge school approached us, we were happy to support them with our expert services.

Our power-packed service teams are always ready to provide the best technical support and consultancy.Each team follows a system to ensure proper completion of the project:

The management team handles the management of all assets including hardware, software, licenses, renewal, etc.

Refresh teams provide special trade-in offers for schools

Training teams provide Mac and iPad training, and ASM & MDM training for IT.

Support teams work with network infrastructure, server setups, and software installations.

Deployment teams work with ASM, Configuration ASM & MDM, Asset Tagging, and Network and server setup.

Finance and care teams guide for affordable offers & payment solutions and device insurance plans.

The development team develops custom iOS apps as required.

BYOD provides finance tie-ups for EMI and a dedicated webpage for students supporting online purchases.

Identifying the Challenges & Making Strategies

Every project comes with a special set of challenges that we as change-makers are always ready to take up. For this project, the school had planned for a robust network infrastructure & wanted Single Sign-On System (SSO) & Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP) integration.

After knowing the school’s requirements and their vision towards collaborating with iPads, our management and technical team brainstormed on how this project could be made a success.

We devised a collaborative plan with the SOTI team and school administrators, outlining a roadmap for deploying iPads. Following a successful proof of concept completed in just 2 days, we accomplished AD and LDAP integration and finalised the registration for Apple School Manager. Moreover, we tailored MDM settings to meet the school’s requirements after a discussion of restriction policies. 

How We Conducted the Deployment

We procured 75 iPads and Apple Smart Keyboards, deploying the iPads using Zero-touch Deployment.

Our team completed the entire Proof of Concept (POC) in just 2 days, with immediate distribution of devices by the school.

Following POC completion, the school was registered for Apple School Manager, and the Mobile Device Management (MDM) setup was finalized alongside school policies.

We streamlined our network infrastructure and server to align with the Apple Ecosystem.

Apple Professional Learning (APL) sessions were scheduled for school teachers to enhance their proficiency in utilizing Apple technology

Impressive Benefits Provided by REPL

SOTI was used as the MDM solution for efficient iPad management.

Automation processes were established to streamline device configuration and management.

Integration with LDAP synchronized user authentication and access control.

Enrollment into Active Directory was facilitated for seamless integration with existing network infrastructure.

SSO integration enabled users to access multiple applications with a single set of login credentials, enhancing user experience and security.

Financial plans were created and payment options were suggested to ease the school's financial burden.

Result: The Technology Setup was a Success

We empowered teachers and students with iPads, making them more effective and advanced in their learning experience. Such progressive schools delight us with their vision towards hi-tech education and looking forward to this, all new students taking admission were equipped with the best technology.

 Connect with us today and transform your educational ecosystem with the deployment of transformative technology to ensure maximum success for young learners and teachers.