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Apple School Manager

Apple School Manager is a simple, free web-based portal for IT administrators to set up devices, get apps and books, and provide students and staff access to Apple services. It enables teachers to engage students in learning experiences with tools that are integrated seamlessly into the devices. With Apple School Manager, MDM is automatically enrolled into devices to simplify the process of deployment to make sure the devices fit right in with your existing systems.


Apple School Manager provides an easy way to enroll devices with MDM, ensuring a customized and streamlined process for device setups in schools. This brings Apple technology to teachers and students in no time for productive use.


Apple School Manager makes it easy to buy apps and books in bulk for all your students and teachers and deploy your apps wirelessly to iPad using MDM. Using the App Store and Apple Books, iPad can be transformed into any tool of your imagination, from a calculator to a telescope to a mobile science lab even.


Apple School Manager makes setting up access to Apple services easier. With federated authentication, Apple simplifies integrating a school's existing systems to avoid creating additional logins for the students. Students get access to iCloud storage for documents and files. Student progress can be tracked by teachers as well as parents by signing in with Schoolwork. Student privacy is protected with limitations on account communications.


Apple School Manager only lets teachers see students' progress data using a Managed Apple ID created for them by the school for strict privacy reasons. Once the student progress recording in Apple School Manager is enabled by the school, data is only recorded for activities assigned by the teacher in Schoolwork.