Technology to make teaching easy, learning easier.

Helping you make learning easy for your students

Apple products inbuilt with user-friendly apps and resources make learning more engaging, interactive, and fun. We provide you with iOS and macOS training courses that help you design your lesson plans conveniently while incorporating the best use of technology. On top of it, the new Mac models with the M1 chip and macOS Big Sur bring even more performance and power efficiency for teachers.

Apple Classroom

With Apple, we bring you the best-in-class educational technology. Classroom is an app available for supported iPad devices and Mac computers. It is designed for teachers to hold classes in a schoolroom, remotely, or even hybrid classes. Documents can be shared amongst teachers and students and projected locally on a TV, monitor, or projector using Apple TV. Classroom lets you monitor the apps students are working on and view a summary of how they utilized their time.

Apple Schoolwork

With Apple Schoolwork, tasks are easier to assign, track and grade. Using iPad or Mac, assignments are accomplished quickly and automatically displayed on the app, organized by the due date for different classes, and submitted immediately on completion. Additionally, with access to iCloud Drive, iCloud Photos, iCloud Backup, Schoolwork, and Shared iPad, teachers and students can access learning materials and the work they’ve created on any device anytime efficiently.

Resources for Teachers

Apple facilitates remote learning and teaching with world-class technology. It enables teachers to plan engaging lessons for students and provides them with learning materials that teach them how to get the best of different features to deliver memorable lessons. Moreover, it also brings opportunities for connecting with fellow teachers and helps to share experiences and new ideas.

Everyone can Create

The Everyone can create programme by Apple brings out the imagination in students in more ways than one. With a collection of free project guides for a creative suite of video, drawing, music and photography on iPad, the programme introduces learners with innovative skills for a meaningful expression of creativity. We can acquaint you with the usage of the Everyone Can Create resources parallel to the curriculum through our network of Apple Professional Learning Specialists.

Everyone can Code

The Everyone Can Code curriculum equips learners of all ages and abilities with exceptional coding skills. This includes Teacher guides that provide a step-by-step course in teaching code, from introducing the basics on iPad to building apps on Mac. We can arrange for a coding discovery session with our Education Apple Specialists at your convenience.

Apple Teacher

Continuous professional development is crucial for educators at various levels to enhance their skills. Apple Teacher is a no-cost professional learning initiative that facilitates the seamless integration and utilization of iPad, Mac, and built-in apps for educational purposes. A significant hurdle in effectively implementing new technology in schools is building the confidence of teachers and encouraging them to utilize the new tools creatively. Apple Teacher addresses this challenge by providing teachers with resources that assist them in their ongoing professional development, enabling them to design captivating learning experiences for their students.

Apple Professional Learning (APL)

For the complete utilization of Apple devices to their full potential, Ridham provides instruction, coaching, and support from a network of Apple Professional Learning Specialists (APLS). Trainers have the knowledge and expertise that integrate innovative technology into your teaching process. With APL, better engagement and learning goals are met through leadership visioning and professional learning plans.

Furthermore, with the APD program, there is the opportunity to become an Apple certified teacher, designed by and for the educators showing how Apple technology drastically improves the learning environment, with interactive and handpicked materials, lesson ideas, and inspiration from other educators.


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