Apple brings you technology that makes teaching easy and understanding easier.​


Helping you make learning easy for your students

With technology becoming so pivotal in the field of education, we bring you Apple products that immediately capture the attention of students and help them grasp concepts quickly. With user-friendly apps and resources, we are here to make the entire process of learning more engaging, interactive and fun.

We provide you with iOS and macOS training courses that help you design your lesson plans conveniently while incorporating the best use of technology. Moreover, the new Mac models with the M1 chip and macOS Big Sur bring even more performance and power efficiency for teachers. Trust us to be there to enhance the experience of imparting knowledge as you embark on the life-changing journey of educating and inspiring the next generation!


Apple Classroom

With the best-in-class educational technology, Apple supports the classroom like no other product does. With tools like Apple Classroom, we make your everyday lesson structuring and planning a cakewalk. It helps you gain control no matter whether the students are using their own device or sharing one. With Apple Classroom, you unlock the doors to accessing your students’ screen, displaying their work on the board and much more.

Apple Schoolwork

With Apple Schoolwork, assigning and grading tasks becomes a much simpler job. Using an iPad or Mac to give out assignments makes the entire process easy-to-track and quicker to accomplish. Assignments are automatically displayed on the app, organised by the due date for different classes and submitted as soon as they have completed them. Additionally, with access to iCloud Drive, iCloud Photos, iCloud Backup, Schoolwork and Shared iPad, teachers and students can access learning materials and the work they’ve created on any device, making it hassle-free and more efficient.

Training the Teachers

We provide a comprehensive list of training courses for teachers. Our Apple Education Trainers have the knowledge and expertise that integrate innovative technology into your teaching process. The training introduces the trainers to the best teaching practices, making the best use of technology to deliver only the best results. Furthermore, with the APD programme, there is the opportunity to become an Apple certified teacher, designed by and for the educators showing how Apple technology drastically improves the learning environment, with interactive and handpicked materials, lesson ideas, and inspiration from other educators.

Resources for Teachers

With world-class technology, Apple takes the remote-learning and teaching experience to a whole different level. It not only enables teachers to plan engaging lessons for students but also provides them with learning materials that teach them how to get the best of different features to deliver memorable lessons. Moreover, it also brings opportunities for connecting with fellow-teachers and helps to share experiences and new ideas.


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