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Highly innovative tools to benefit from cloud computing, storage, and file transfers.

Our Cloud solutions are adaptable by design and compatible with locations and resources. Connection, collaboration, or completion of tasks, from high-speed file transfer to hosted cloud storage to specialist media infrastructure, can be done seamlessly, even when incorporating many vendors into a single cloud workflow.

With us, you can be assured not to go over your budget and bypass the complicated billing systems of other cloud vendors for a single, simple monthly bill, with keen monitoring of usage linked to specific projects.

Cloud Computing

Our cloud solutions improve productivity, efficiency, collaboration, and remote working. Our services allow end-users to harness the power of high-performance workstations or virtual machines from any device. Our Amazon cloud service and Google cloud service solutions allow cloud-based storage on an as-needed basis, streaming data on demand from the cloud, and enabling easy project collaboration. With the best software and tools for end-users and IT professionals, we continue to open up new cloud possibilities for our users.

Storage security

We understand how precious data is for any organisation and we work to protect it with solid backup system solutions that routinely and securely back up all files, information and data. Keeping your data safe and sound should be the least of your concerns when we have your back.

File Transfer Security

With next-generation cloud technology, users can move copious data at a single stretch, saving money, time, and effort in the meantime. With your data on the cloud, transfer large files in the fastest way possible, with a design that brings out a flawless workflow.