One School, 7000 iPads, 2 weeks

In May 2019, one school approached us for procurement and implementation of 7,000 iPads to enable remote learning for their students. It was not surprising coming from a school which had always focused on technology in education, but this implementation was required in an ambitious timeline of 2 weeks.

Total Cost of Ownership of iPad is lower than other tablets

How To Select The Best eLearning Device For School Students?

As the pandemic continues, a lot of parents have had to seriously consider buying dedicated learning devices for children. For individual students, let’s evaluate on three specific factors for choosing the right e-learning device.
Total Cost of Ownership of iPad vs Other Tablets for Schools (TCO)

Is the total cost of ownership (TCO) of iPad much higher than other tablets?

There are various costs associated with management of devices on an ongoing basis, right up to the resale of devices for upgradation of technology, which is inevitable in a few years. Here is a comparison of the total cost of ownership of iPads with other tablets.

Helping 4,000 ONGC employees choose 
cutting edge technology over the ‘safe option’

When ONGC offered thousands of employees to buy laptops of their choice, including MacBooks, many were choosing ‘safe options’ instead. This how we helped 4000 employees make the right choice.

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