Powerful accessibility features for an exceptional learning experience.

Why Apple for Accessibility

Schools should be able to provide equal means to access the curriculum for students of all abilities. Apple devices have built in accessibility features personalised for easy communication and learning. With Apple, no student misses out on the extraordinary experience of learning-for any reason. With customisable features to complement the unique needs of every learner, students can create, comprehend and collaborate, in all ways that work best for them, and all the ways they deserve to.

Diverse Capabilities - Diverse Features

An equal approach to learning with built in assistive features to aid SEND students with their vision, hearing, motor skills, learning, and literacy.


VoiceOver – Auditory descriptions of onscreen elements to hear what’s happening on the screen

Magnifier – Close-up details of the screen for better readability with customisable colour filters

SpeakScreen – Content read out loud with customisable pronunciation supported over several languages and voices

Dictation – Type, edit and format with commands over voice


FaceTime – Easy communication over sign language with high quality video and fast frame rate

Headphone accommodation – Customised audio experience based on individual hearing needs

Sensory Alerts – Visual or vibrating alerts for for text, email or even calendar event notifications

Mono Audio – Streamline differences in audio channels by adjusting the volume for either ear


Voice Control – Precise device navigation and easy interaction with apps over voice commands

Switch Control – Efficient control of various devices synced over iCloud with a single device

Assistive Touch – Alternative gestures for comfortable navigation of the device

Touch Accommodation – Adjustable touch sensitivity for efficient screen response


Guided Access – Limited access to apps, buttons and keyboard for better attention and focus on learning.

Safari Reader – Focussed navigation of the content on web without unwanted clutter on the screen

Siri – Streamline a series of actions or tasks through shortcuts created with the digital assistant

Screen Time – Limit, track and manage device usage time for improved productivity

How Ridham Helps

Apple devices are great assistive tools, supporting students with different abilities with equal access to become independent learners. With Apple, learning has become interesting, engaging and accessible. At Ridham, we aim to bring you revolutionary technology that meets the needs of SEND learners and creates the best educational experience one can get. We take care of all your technological needs, from finding the best tools for comprehensive learning to training teachers to adapt the new way of teaching to deploying the solutions at your institution, so you can focus on the development of the learners while we take care of the rest.