Why iPad Pro is best for any Design Institute

Nowadays, almost everything is done differently. Apple technology is designed to push the limits of ideas and defy the restrictions of technology.

Using powerful hardware and intuitive software, faculty can create a customized learning experience for students from almost anywhere in the world and make it possible for them to explore, learn, and perhaps even change the world.

Apple iPad Pro has emerged as a leader with its impressive features, technical capacities and several benefits to students, professors as well as deans & trustees of designing institutes.

This product has completely changed the face of creativity due to its exceptional and astonishing features. Mostly, this has resulted due to the product’s visionary system and its fine characteristics.

Along with iPad Pro, there is one more stellar product the Apple Pencil which has taken the creative immersion to a whole new level.


Apple Pencil was launched in 2015 and with the current 2nd generation of Apple Pencil, it has already disrupted the market in every way possible due to its exceptional and astonishing features.

It goes perfectly with the iPad and offers students a special experience.


Enhanced Creativity

With iPad Pro along with Apple Pencil, artistry inventiveness has reached on to the next dimension. The present age is led by Apple technology which has significantly boosted an atmosphere of infinite imagination.


These products have truly enhanced creativity through its extraordinary features and services.


With Apple Pencil, drawing, illustrating, note-taking, and marking up documents should feel intuitive, accurate, & magical. Furthermore, its pixel-perfect precision, tilt along with pressure sensitivity, palm rejection, and indiscernible lag make it easy to use & ready to go whenever inspiration strikes.


The in-built apps also provide a wide range of options to implement and transform visualization through digital art.


Best apps to magnify creativity-

    • Illustrator for iPad
    • Astropad
    • Procreate
    • Pixelmator
    • Paper
    • Linea Sketch
    • Concepts
    • Sketch club


Convenient Multi-tasking

Slide over & split view feature which enable us to work with different apps at the same time.


Drag & drop which empowers to maneuver different content in various apps at the same time. 


Several gestures could also be explored that are facilitated, which helps in quick completion of small tasks which may consume more time on other devices.


Picture in picture features allow users to utilize apps while watching a video. While watching a video, tap on the picture-in- picture button & the video will start playing in a small window that can be moved around the screen, as the user finds it comfortable.


Easy Portability

It offers an amazing creative learning experience, empowering students to take their device from class to the great outdoors. 


Lighter than a laptop & more compatible than mobile it enables students to visualize creativity on the go, like a portable canvas. 


Also, due to its lightweight characteristics it is easy to carry in a compact bag & makes it more comfortable and pleasant for use.


Along with students, it is also beneficial to faculty as it facilitates the option to take classes as well as supervise the students from anywhere.


Embrace Digital Age

It allows students to encapsulate the digital age as a foundation of their careers. It permits tech knowledge to become innate, setting them up for a life where digital fluency will be core to their creativity.


It has also enabled professors to digitally elucidate curriculum and education content, which has also resulted in better & optimized learning methods.


Foundation of a creative ecosystem could be established through innovative experience by integrating such technologies in the environment. They can also easily customize & edit curriculum as per the requirement and need of the hour. 


Digitization of records through iPad has benefited teachers with easy ways for recording various data.


Future Investment

Infusing funds in the purchase of an iPad will provide you with unparalleled creativity along with great returns. One of the biggest pro would be decrease of additional expenses in the form of less maintenance, as relatively it will require less after purchase expenditures compared to other devices in the same segment. 


As a Creative Professional, you can get amazing educational offers for your institute from Apple Authorized Resellers like Ridham Enterprise.


You can upgrade your institute with Apple Technology & create an astounding experience for your students.


Sustainable Development

Corporate Social Responsibility has become a must, and by introducing technology through a product like iPad Pro, it can promote sustainable use of resources as the use of paper decreases. 


Induction of iPad Pro could escalate in sustainable development as it reduces the utilization of papers and other resources that are wasted in the form of stationery.  


Also, Apple promotes sustainable development by using recycled materials in their products that helps in building a green & safe environment.


Upscaling Creative Standards

Many prestigious & renowned institutions have already initiated the provision of Apple products like the MacBook, iPad & Apple Pencil.


Apple has been established as one of the leaders in the tech market because of its great user experience & exceptional features in all sectors including creativity. 


Amalgamating Apple with an organization will automatically generate a good image among people.


Some prestigious institutions and universities around the world that has adopted Apple technology:

    • Dakota State University
    • Delaware State University
    • Rochester College
    • Chatham University


With such great benefits it is evident how useful an Apple product like iPad Pro & Apple Pencil could be for any designing student as well as various professionals in the field of education & creativity.


Also, how it promotes organizational well being in accordance with user experience, learning, creativity & sustainability is impeccable. 

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