Trade-in to stay up-to-date

Effective upgrading solutions for an

advanced learning.

Why Trade-in?

Apple devices are built with top quality and durability to retain their worth for a very long time while maintaining a high residual value even after three years. This makes upgrades to replacements a breeze whenever you decide to trade in. For a trade in with Apple devices compatible for an advanced learning environment and designed to support the latest apps, features and updates, we provide hassle free upgrade solutions. With Trade-in, you can utilize your school’s old devices for the better, for your budget and the planet. Devices in good shape can be traded in for credit towards new Apple products, or else be recycled responsibly for free, which makes having Apple devices worth it.

How can we help?

Our Refresh program connects you with companies that buy back or recycle your old Apple devices for a residual value, so you can upgrade to the latest technology efficiently. By putting the residual value of the aged products toward the cost of new devices, schools can avail latest features in a cost effective manner. When a quote given by the third party tie-ups matches your expectation, your account will be credited on accepting the final valuation, so you can make use of the money from your old device for a responsible upgrade.

A Sustainable Approach

Along with the financial benefit to your institute, this provides a sustainable model for global IT usage. The large amount of resources used in the supply chain and production of a single computer can be put into better use by secondary markets, which helps to reduce the global demand and therefore production of new devices. Emissions and the associated mining of raw materials are reduced when the carbon footprint from the production and transportation of the devices are shared by organisations with its secondary and tertiary users through trading. Overall, it’s a win-win for making a difference to the planet while staying ahead with an up-to-date learning environment.