Every sector and every organisation has its own unique technology requirements to enable people and solve specific problems. Our experts can help you plan and implement the most effective, cost-efficient and practical technology solutions for your business.


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Introducing technology into our traditional educational systems is a process — you can only make technology work by first helping people accept it. Count on us to partner you closely in this transformational process at every level — understanding, planning, choosing, testing, implementing and training.

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From productivity and collaboration solutions for teams working inside and outside office, to seamless networking, security and training — trust us to build and implement the most current technology solutions to empower your business. 

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Media & Creative Teams

When it comes to enabling your creative teams to create magic, allow us to put together top notch hardware, software and networking solutions in a seamless, frictionless production environment. 

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Startups and SMEs

We understand small businesses as we are ourselves a small business – compact, nimble, always ready for action. We feel you, and we will create a solution that empowers you and grows with you.

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iGnite remote learning app for schools

iGnite — a flexible, customisable, inexpensive Remote Learning App made for Schools

It’s made for schools and educational institutes.

Unlike other popular e-learning apps, iGnite allows schools to modify course content, add their own custom content and reorganise the courseware according to their needs. This makes sure students always have access to relevant content chosen by their school. iGnite is India’s only app which allows institutes to fully distribute their own custom content to students.

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Technology Consultancy

We can guide you towards a robust, future-proof technology solution to improve efficiencies, based on organisational vision and specific goals. We can also help you address specific challenges in integrating new technology with your existing IT environment.


We are an Apple Authorised Reseller and Solution Expert for Education. Besides enterprise sales of all Apple products, we have extensive experience in implementing technology solutions for small, medium and large businesses on a turnkey basis.


We’ll help you solve problems, improve efficiencies and boost productivity by integrating powerful software into your workflow. Besides Apple, we also partner with various other software companies like Adobe, Microsoft and IBM to put together seamless solutions for your business requirements.


We have the all required expertise to lead a smooth, hassle-free deployment of Apple devices into your existing technology environment. We also have knowledge of local challenges and best practices after having successfully implemented technology solutions at diverse organisations.


New technology becomes useful only when it is fully accessible. This requires seamless integration into the existing networking environment of your organisation. Our team will help you bring in the latest technology without worrying about networking issues.


The next most important factor which affects the success of technology upgrade in an organisation is acceptance by people. We will not just help you deploy technology, but also make it productive by training your teams and working with your IT folks.

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