Prioritizing Security

For complete protection of the creativity unleashed.

Safety with Certainty

When you choose Apple, you can rest assured of having opted security over everything else. Security and privacy are built in fundamental aspects in the design of all Apple technology. Apple devices are more than just affordable to adopt, easy to deploy and great for productivity. With top protection for hardware, software and systems, the data of students and institutions is safeguarded beyond doubt.

Privacy as a Priority

Everything created by Apple is designed keeping in mind the gravity of privacy, which is one of their core values. Personal and institutional information is protected by limiting the amount of data you need to provide them with. All features and apps have to follow the strictest of guidelines and are also comprehensively reviewed to make sure the students, parents and institutions always stays in full control of their data and privacy.

Standard Protection

Apple products ship with built in security features already built in to ensure protection of data of every organisation and its students, during and after deployment. Managed Apple IDs designed specifically for educational purposes Apple School Manager gives students access to various features and apps, all under institutional control. Apple hardware is devised with ingenious functionality to ensure maximum security.

Sound Storage Security

All documents and data of students is protected and stored securely, both on device and iCloud, at all times. With automatic saving and protected access to the store information, Apple ensures no data is accessible by third parties without permission through strict policies and industry standard security practices. With access to every app only under user control, Apple creates a secure environment for students to create, interact and engage.

Making the most of Apple.

As an Apple Authorised Reseller, we help you benefit significantly from Apple technology, with day-to-day support by our certified experts to professional and managed services for deploying and overseeing your device. With our comprehensive range of solutions and flexible purchasing options, we are here to provide you the best experience you can get through Apple.