Mosyle Manager – The Right Mobile Device Manager for Schools

Mosyle Manger - the right mobile device manager for schools

Wirelessly manage student iPads. Automate assignments, deploy apps and books.

Mosyle Manager helps you ensure that students learn safely, stay focused, and remain engaged through a personal learning experience with iPads.

You can customise preferences for student devices and press ‘Start’ at the beginning of each class. You can ‘lock’ students within an application, so they cannot navigate away. When you need your students’ full attention, you can instantly disable student devices and eliminate all distractions. You can also regulate how students access the Internet during class time by creating a list of allowed websites.

Mosyle Manger is used by 14,000+ educational institutions in 80+ different countries

Effortlessly integrates with Apple School Manager

User Information Syncronisation - Mosyle Manager

User Information Synchronization

Student Information System (SIS) can be integrated with Apple School Manager (ASM) to create Managed Apple IDs, import classes and sync user data directly into Mosyle Manager

Educational Content Management - Mosyle Manager

Educational Content Management

Streamlines management of Apps and Books from Apple School Manager portal, and creates workflows for distributing content licenses for student devices

Device Enrollment And Setup - Mosyle Manager

Device Enrollment And Setup

Integrates Apple School Manager to automate device enrollment, gets iPads ready for deployment to students, and prepares great teaching experience for educators

Classroom Management - Mosyle Manger

Classroom Management

Leverage all the amazing features of Apple’s Classroom app and Schoolwork app, by offering teachers the tools they need to build the most engaging learning experience using Apple devices

Mosyle Manager allows schools to be in control of devices, and teachers to be in control of their classes — no matter where students are logging in from.

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