We provide full support to the school IT teams to procure the best of Apple technology for education


Closely working with your IT team

For a rich teaching and learning experience, it is essential to manage all devices correctly so as to get the best out of them. This involves setting in place all the apps, features, services, security system and content that the teachers might need for conducting a class without any technical glitches, successfully. We work closely with your IT teams and offer comprehensive tech support that builds on your strengths, gives your team the support it needs and manages all devices for you.


Mobile Device Management

Mobile Device Management typically deals with deploying on-device applications and configurations, policies and back-end infrastructure. This makes the procurement and usage of Apple devices at your educational institution a simple process. It makes sure that the devices not only function properly but also provide security to the end user without breaking the flow of productivity. At Ridham, we are fully equipped to help you with setting up devices for your teachers as well as students and take over mobile device management for you.
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Apple School Manager

Apple School Manager is a free web-based service that helps technology managers deploy iPad and Mac in schools, create Managed Apple ID accounts for students and staff, set up class registers for the Schoolwork and Classroom apps, and manage apps and books for teaching and learning. Authorised school staff can also use Apple School Manager to reset passwords and inspect Managed Apple ID accounts. Apple School Manager maintains a record of these activities.

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What can we do?

With an accredited team, we provide fast and reliable IT services, wherever you need, whenever you need. We help your school IT team to deploy Apple devices, set up apps and tools, give everybody access to their accounts, develop a proper network and get the Cloud storage in place so as to establish uniformity and ease of learning. We are also available for repairs, queries and IT support at your beck and call. Everything is delivered by our expert trainers and system engineers to ensure a hassle-free experience by the end users as well as your technical staff.

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