Providing support for effortless management of Apple technology.

Complete support for management

Efficient handling and effective management of all devices are essential to get the most of technology. This involves setting in place all the apps, features, services, and security systems that the teachers might need for conducting a class without any technical glitches successfully. We work closely with you and offer comprehensive tech support that builds on your strengths, giving you all the support you need to manage all the devices competently.

What we offer

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Mobile Device Management

Mobile Device Management deals with deploying on-device applications and configurations, policies, and back-end infrastructure. MDM ensures the proper functioning of the devices and provides security to the end-user without hampering productivity. At Ridham, we make the procurement and usage of Apple devices at your educational institution simple with MDM.

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Deployment of Devices

The deployment of your Apple device is extensively taken care of by our team of experts. We ensure a smooth rollout of devices with the installation of preferred apps and content beforehand. Partnering with top MDM companies we ensure zero-touch deployment with automated enrolment, configuration and management of devices.

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Fix for Unexpected Troubles

We ensure a seamless educational experience through the Device Maintenance for Schools to avoid unpredictable repair costs. Troubleshooting, hardware fault diagnostics, and repairs are all included in the service, with loan devices available during repairs, with an option to add accidental damage cover or advanced replacement.

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Tech Support Experts on call

We take care of the technical challenges for an uninterrupted educational experience with Apple. Our Device Support for Schools provides complete technical support from our service desk, including remote technical support. We also assist with troubleshooting, installation, configuration, connectivity, advice, or guidance.

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Expert Device Management

Our expertise in Apple comes to play with the effective management of your devices. Our Device Management for Schools includes enrollment and configuration of devices, installing required apps and content, and setting up of updates and permissions for students and staff for enhanced security and highly improved productivity.

Apple School Manager

Apple School Manager is a free web-based portal that helps technology managers deploy and set up iPad and Mac in schools, creating Managed Apple ID accounts for students and staff. It manages apps and books for learning and equips teachers with engaging tools for interactive teaching. It resets and inspects Managed Apple ID Accounts, as it is designed to protect student data privacy. Apple School Manager integrates seamlessly with your existing systems, simplifying configuration and deployment in the process.


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