Helping 4,000 ONGC employees choose 
cutting edge technology over the ‘safe option’

Case Study

Helping 4,000 ONGC employees choose cutting edge technology over the ‘safe option’

Remote working has emerged as the most critical aspect of business continuity during the lockdown. But long before Covid19 made us all housebound, here’s how we helped ONGC maximize productivity and creativity in their Gujarat offices with over 4,000 MacBooks.


When ONGC offered thousands of their employees to buy laptops of their choice as part of their Employee Purchase Programme, they realised that many were choosing ‘safe options’ as they were skeptical about Macs. Besides employees, the IT department was skeptical about introducing Apple devices as well, because the organisation works in a Windows environment. Everybody loves the idea of Macs, but the fear of the unknown stopped them from selecting Macs.

More productivity with Macbook | Ridham Enterprise

We knew that Apple products could unleash creativity and productivity at work like nothing else. We also knew that once the initial inertia is overcome, Apple products are much easier to use than others.

Another thing we knew was that it was not going to be easy to convince people about this. But we had a plan to make things possible — and as a result over 4,000 employees chose MacBooks and the IT department couldn’t be happier.

Here is how we helped thousands of employees choose the right technology

  1. Roadshows, live demonstrations and Q&A sessions to about the pros and cons of different options
  2. A full technical Proof of Concept for the IT team to demonstrate that their existing environment can accept and manage Apple products
  3. Integration of a custom solution which made it even simple for ONGC to manage both Windows and Mac devices
  1. Deployment of Apple devices across ONGC offices in different cities of Gujarat
  2. Training employees to ease their transition to MacBooks. Introduction to the amazing Apple apps
  3. Technical training for the IT team to fully gear them to support the Macs

Result — More productive, creative and inspired teams

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Good decision, great technology

Once people chose MacBook, they realised why it was such a good decision. With better technology, they were up to speed with the world. They could do more, and technology issues were a thing of the past.

MacBook - seamless flexibility | Ridham Enterprise

Seamless flexibility

Besides the freedom to stay productive from anywhere, MacBooks allowed employees to work seamlessly between office, home and other networks. People were also able to manage work between multiple devices in a fast, frictionless way. 

Macbook - more productivity | Ridham Enterprise

More efficiency and productivity

Apple is not only about beautiful, powerful devices, but also about equally powerful and intuitive software. That is what made the MacBook users fall in love with their devices, and enabled them to be more creative, productive and a cut above everybody else.

Full control with Macbook | Ridham Enterprise

More control over devices

Apple’s business manager makes it simple for IT departments to manage all devices, add policies, deploy new apps and ensure complete security and privacy. This allowed IT to handle both company owned and BYOB devices seamlessly.

Insights, Best Practices and ROI

We have learned over the years that deploying technology for people is not just a technical project, but more also a human resource job. Though we have been on standby for any kind of support required by ONGC following this massive deployment of MacBooks, we have hardly ever been summoned. This show that Apple has the most robust solutions for work, and Ridham’s expertise, logistical experience and ‘human’ service can bridge the gap between technology and people.

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