Financial Services for Education

With a range of financing options flexible to
meet your budget cycle, we make digital
transformation goals a reality.

the power of

Ridham works towards enhancing the learning experiences with technology for every school. We comprehensively understand your necessities and challenges to recommend products and services that best suit your needs and help you achieve your goals. Financial services provide a way for your institution to purchase the right devices, lower the cost of ownership and manage your technology altogether, supporting plans for device up-gradation in the future as well. Unleash and utilize the power of Mac and iPad in your school with our fully compliant leasing options.

Flexible Leasing

Our finance and leasing options let you bring the best tools and the latest technology to your students without hampering your budget. We work with third-party leasing partners like Rent Alpha to provide solutions that spread the cost and keep things flexible. Leasing can help you acquire the required equipment and services your institution needs to progress, with fixed payments, the ability to free up working capital, and greater cost certainty. Since Apple devices retain high residual values when it’s time to return them at the end of your contract, leasing makes it easier to switch to Apple or even upgrade the devices with the latest technology.

Why to Lease

Simplicity and Flexibility

You can flexibly adjust or add equipment to your digital framework at your convenience to suit your changing needs.

Preserving Liquidity

You can reserve your cash and borrowing power for operating expenses and other more intangible costs, thus preserving your working capital.

Stay up to date

A lease makes tracking of costs relative to revenue produced easier. Costs are more predictable and transparent, with a reliable basis to manage your budget better.

Easy to Budget

Leasing reduces the risk of devices becoming obsolete. Upgradation to the latest equipment is made possible without having to repurchase.

Cost Savings with Apple devices

Using Apple devices in your school can help you save money on other things like textbooks, print resources and security. The benefits of rolling out an Apple solution are endless. Schools can avail FRC benefits on increased operational expenditure. Solid savings can be availed on integrated technology, free iGnite remote learning app, and free Helpdesk for any and all issues.

Apple School Manager

Ridham brings parents the opportunity to positively transform their child’s learning experience with affordable technological solutions. The cost is broken down into small monthly direct debit payments for the parents while the entire year’s fee to the institution is paid upfront by financing partners such as Financepeer and Eduvanz. With the device loan spread over three years in monthly installments, the financial load on parents is eased significantly.