Everyone Can Code

Code is the language of technology. Today, knowledge of coding is more important than ever. When we bring coding for kids at school, it helps them learn to think logically, solve problems and bring ideas to live. This is why Apple has created a program that makes it possible for anyone to learn and teach code.

Coding for kids with Apple iPad


Technology’s new language 
that everybody can understand

Swift is a programming language created by Apple for the new digital age. With Swift, you can see what you create even as you write the code. 

And just like everything designed by Apple, it uses simplicity in powerful ways. Everyone can code with Swift, as you use a lot of common words and phrases like “add”, “remove” and “print”. Swift is as easy for beginners, as it is powerful for pros — some of the greatest apps in the world have been built in Swift.

Swift Playgrounds

A simpler, visual way 
to learn to code

Apple has created a fun and interactive app for those who are starting to learn how to code – Swift Playgrounds. This app allows you to see the result of your code on the screen as you write it. So, you can literally see what every new line of code adds to the project. The app has coding lessons built in, which let you use code to solve puzzles, control characters and build new apps. Swift playground is the most simple, effective, fun way to make kids fall in love with code.

Everyone Can Code

A curriculum designed by Apple 
to bring coding into schools

Apple has created a well designed Everyone Can Code curriculum for teaching students how to code, from kindergarten to university. The program also helps teachers learn as they teach. Educational institutions around the world take advantage of the fantastic curriculum designed by Apple to help all students — from introduction to coding for kids to powerful tools for aspiring app developers.

Check out this great video about why teachers around the world love Everyone Can Code.

Apple Solution Expert for Education | Ridham Enterprise

Apple’s trusted education partner
 for providing solutions to schools

Apple has made it easy to deploy iPads and implement the Everyone Can Code curriculum in schools with the help of their authorised Solution Experts for Education. Ridham Enterprise has been an Apple Partner for over 13 years. 

Our teams have been trained by Apple, and by many many years of experience in deploying Apple technology at schools, colleges and corporates. You can rely on us for the right advice, easy procurement, quick and seamless implementation within your existing systems, and excellent training to help your teachers ands students hit the ground running.

Deployment & Training

Integrate Apple devices, apps and content into your existing systems

We can help you bring iPads, Macs and the Everyone Can Code curriculum into your school in the most hassle-free and rewarding manner. No matter what your current network environment, operating systems, and technology infrastructure – we will make sure that Apple devices, apps and content fit right in. We can help you automatically deploy thousands of devices with settings and apps pre-configured for each student. We’ll take care of the entire process of procurement, configuration, labelling, deployment and assignment of devices.

To speak to an expert about coding for kids, please leave us your details. 

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