Apple and Education

Best technology for a futuristic learning



Why Apple for Education?

With the revolutionary technology from Apple, learning becomes more simple and fun. Each concept of each subject can be easily understood while exploring the depths of it. It makes the learning process more engaging, thus increasing the retention power of the students.

Leading universities use Apple products and platforms to achieve their mission and goals across five key areas: student experience, campus services, research, sport and career readiness.

The easy-to-carry iPad with its long-lasting battery life makes it easier to study anytime, anywhere. Whereas the Mac notebook and desktop range makes it super easy to help you power through creative work. So, when Apple guarantees an immersive learning experience, why look for anything else?


Why Ridham?

At Ridham, we don’t just bring you the best technology for learning, but we work on creating the best educational experience for you. We are always there to help you develop and strengthen your technological structure, while focusing on the growth of pupils and teachers, together. We want to help the educational institutions provide knowledge that stays with the students forever. Therefore, we make sure to bring you offers, deals, and of course world-class technology in creating phenomenal results for both learning as well as teaching.

Our solutions for schools



With great tools that enable teachers to manage lesson-planning and engage students in new ways of learning, Apple technology makes teaching easier, interactive and more imaginative. Moreover, some great resources for teachers within Apple Teacher let you explore technology in education that make the entire process more organized.



Apple not only brings great apps and tools for your child’s growth and learning but also takes care of their privacy. It also allows schools to have a control over all the devices, thus ensuring your child’s undivided attention towards education.


Leadership Teams

With our One Student, one iPad programme, we make it extremely easy for schools to procure Apple devices for their students. We also provide financial help and technical expertise that help you to integrate technology into the classroom easily and effectively.


IT Teams

We help you deploy Apply services and train your IT team on the technical know-how of Apple devices. Additionally, our Mobile Device Management system also takes care of the administration, maintenance and management of devices for smooth functioning and learning.


IT Services

We cover everything right from deploying the right kit to excellent support services and make sure that nothing gets in the way of productivity. We take care of all your hardware and software needs, WiFi, networking and storage by providing the best possible tech support to make your life easier.

Deploying 7,000 iPads for students & teachers at a private school in Rajkot, Gujarat

School Name

In May 2019, one school approached us for the procurement and implementation of 7,000 iPads to enable remote learning for their students. This implementation was required in an ambitious timeline of 2 weeks, but we were up for the challenge nonetheless!


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