Creativity in every Stroke

Pablo Picasso once said, “Everything you can imagine is real.”

From inventing the wheel almost 5000 years ago to the technology of Artificial Intelligence today, one thing is certain – the world thrives on imagination. Imagination is the air under our wings that helps us fly and transcend the rigid structures imposed by the world. In a rapidly changing environment, our abilities to imagine will lead to exciting creations.

Today, as the world is caught in the chaos of Covid-19, we are compelled to come up with unique solutions. With the pandemic enveloping its grasp around the globe, we are turning to technology to help us communicate, connect, and create.

Being firm believers in the notion of igniting creativity, we bring to you the brilliant combo of Apple iPad & Pencil. This perfect duo is truly a match made in heaven!

Together, these devices can completely transform your world. No more bulky laptops, or paper wastage, and certainly no more creative blocks. We believe that with the right tools, anyone can achieve their potential. We are also aware of how important education is for you. And with Apple, your child can have a truly immersive experience. With a long battery life, the iPad’s intuitive technology will augment your child’s learning exponentially. After all, learning doesn’t have to be restricted to the walls of a classroom, does it? So whether your child is interested in sketching, or coding, or learning a subject, Apple is at your service.

The Apple Pencil, with its unique mechanism and geometry, feels exactly like holding a real pencil. The perfect amount of friction provided by the nib ensures a steady grip. It has the perfect precision that can help you with drawing, making notes, editing, designing, annotating, switching between apps, and so much more.

Lightweight and chic, it comes in two versions- smooth and matte finish. Its tip is sensitive to tilt and pressure, and allows you to use scores of strokes while sketching or shading. All these features help to digitally create any design seamlessly. With the Pencil’s flawless mobility, you don’t have to worry about clumsy fingers while designing. As the metaphorical ‘cherry on top’, the 2nd generation Pencil also has a magnetic feature for an inductive charging experience. So all you need to do is to place it close to the iPad for it to charge and you’re good to go.

Whether you are a student who has an assignment due, or an artist exploring designs for a project. Whether you are a professor going through students’ essays, or someone who simply enjoys scribbling ideas, the Pencil is an inevitable resource. With a sleek design and pixel-perfect precision, it leaves the user with an exceptional experience.

With its minimal latency technology, Apple Pencil allows you to write or draw continuously without a lag. The Pencil is embedded with palm rejection technology so that the iPad recognizes only the Pencil and is not distracted by your palm. Now, isn’t that truly wonderful?

After all, didn’t Picasso say, “Everything you can imagine is real”? So go ahead, whip up your unique imagination and unleash your creativity.

Seize the opportunity and order your Pencil now! The world is waiting for you.