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Business continuity today demands collaboration on the go. Recent events have shown how employees who could stay productive even from home have been the greatest assets of businesses. And businesses have realised that good technology doesn’t just enable but also inspires.

Explore, evaluate and deploy technology solutions for work — from office, from home and on the go. We have the knowledge, insights and best practices to ease the transformation, from technology, content and people management perspectives.







Call us for a discussion. It may lead to a demo. It may even lead to us proposing a customised technological solution for your organisational vision and specific goals. And addressing the specific challenges in integrating high end technology with your existing IT environment.







Ridham Enterprise is an Apple Authorised Reseller. Besides enterprise sales of all Apple products, we have extensive experience in implementing technology solutions for small, medium and large businesses. Apple products like Mac MacBook, iPad and iPhones enable employees to work more effectively, solve problems creatively and collaborate with a shared purpose.

Apple devices don’t just work seamlessly with each other, but are also easy to deploy on most network environments, and manage at enterprise level. If you still need more reasons, here’s why you really must think about Apple At Work.







Apple is not only about beautiful, powerful and efficient devices, but also about equally powerful and intuitive software. That is what makes Apple users fall in love with their devices, and that is also what enables them to be more creative, productive and a cut above everybody else.

With hundreds of thousands of apps for business on the App Store, and a powerful environment for building custom apps, you can transform your company and get ahead of the competition. Besides powerful in-built apps like Pages, Numbers and Keynote, Apple products are compatible with most of your preferred software including Microsoft Office and Google G-Suite.

We also partner with various other software companies like Adobe, Microsoft and IBM to put together seamless solutions for your business requirements.







Apple provide a comprehensive set of frameworks for your IT department for deployment and management of devices. At Ridham Enterprise, we have all the required expertise to lead a smooth, uneventful deployment of Apple devices into your existing technology environment. We also have knowledge of local challenges and best practices after having successfully implemented Apple devices at numerous businesses across Gujarat.






Case Study

From ‘safe option’ to the best option — how 4,000 ONGC employees moved to better technology

When ONGC offered thousands of their employees to buy laptops of their choice (including MacBooks) as part of their Employee Purchase Programme, they saw that most people were choosing ‘safe options’ as they were skeptical about new technology. The IT department was skeptical about introducing Apple devices as well, because the organisation works in a Windows environment.

Here’s how we enabled 4,000 ONGC employees to chose MacBooks over outdated technology, and why the IT department couldn’t be happier.

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Large scale deployment of technology in organisations, no matter how seamless, can only be truly successful when people are motivated to use it. We are familiar with the ‘human’ challenges which arise in the throes of a technology transition, and are geared to ease the transformation for you through training sessions for employees as well as guidance for your IT personnel.




After Sales Service



While our teams ensure a robust, seamless implementation of technology into the existing IT and operations environments of businesses, there may always be need for improvisations and resolutions based on new learnings and unforeseen challenges. We are always ready to support you in such times — in terms of advice, technical knowledge and on-site support.