Apple in Education 


Educational institutions around the world have discovered new ways to engage, educate and inspire students with Apple. Products like iPad and MacBook allow students to learn creatively. Apple Teacher puts powerful resources at teachers’ disposal. And technology like Apple School Manager make it easy for schools to manage hundreds of devices safely.  



Learning is no longer limited to the hours spent at school or college. 

Learning is now a continuous process as kids are engaged by myriad sources of unrestricted information. If formal education institutions are to retain their guardianship of education in the New Normal, two key changes are needed:

Continuous Educationi

Continue educating beyond school hours, and direct teacher-student interactions.
Expand the role and relevance of formal education in students’ lives

Engage students in a format that they are comfortable with.
One which matches the richness, pace and flexibility of their digital lives



Explore, evaluate and deploy continuous learning systems at scale, with us. We have the knowledge, insights and best practices to ease the transformation – from technology, content and people management perspectives.




Call Apple Authorised Reseller, Ridham Enterprise for a discussion on Apple educational ecosystem. It may lead to a demo. It may even lead to us proposing a customised technological solution for your organisational vision and specific goals. And addressing the specific challenges in integrating high end technology with your existing IT environment.


As an Apple Authorised Solution Provider Education, and we have great expertise at deploying Apple technology at scale. Mac and iPad are open up a new world of learning for students by giving them complete freedom of expression. They also empower teachers to explain more effectively, monitor each student closely and inspire students in new ways everyday. 

Schools can remotely manage every device — restrict app usage, lock devices into a certain mode, even turn off devices or certain functions as per schedule or location of the device or in real time.


Apple Devices for Education



The power of Apple technology lies in the combination of simple, intuitive devices and amazing apps that make learning as well as teaching so much more rewarding. 

Apple Teacher

Apple Teacher is a powerful educational tool in the hands of teachers, replete with ideas, content and training to engage students — at home and in the classroom. 

Apple Education

Apple Education Learning Series and apps like Classroom and Schoolwork help educators leverage high quality content and make interactions with each student more personalised and manageable.

Augmented Reality Apps

Augmented Reality apps on iPad bring digital objects into the real world to spark curiosity and enhance understanding. 

Ignite is a continuous learning app developed for schools in India. It is the only app which allows schools full control over content and device management. Ignite lets schools fully harness the power of iPad, to distribute their own content to their students in sync with classroom discussions, in a simple, affordable way.

Mosyle Manager allows schools to wirelessly manage student iPads. You can automate assignments, wirelessly deploy apps and books, filter web access, and lock screens into different modes when teaching, during tests and after school.

Zoom allows you to expand traditional classrooms with video communications to meet the growing needs of today’s students. Virtual/hybrid classrooms and micro-learning help improve learning outcomes by increasing student participation and retention.

Over 180,000 education apps are available on Apple official App Store, which have the potential to elevate every aspect of learning. They put immense power in the hands of teachers, to explain every topic in fantastic new ways, and keep students inspired even after school hours.


Featured App

iGnite — a flexible, customisable, inexpensive Remote Learning App made for Schools

It’s made for schools and educational institutes.

Unlike other popular e-learning apps, iGnite allows schools to modify course content, add their own custom content and reorganise the courseware according to their needs. This makes sure students always have access to relevant content chosen by their school. iGnite is India’s only app which allows institutes to fully distribute their own custom content to students.

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After Sales Service

While our teams ensure a robust, seamless implementation of technology into the existing IT and educational environments of institutions, there may always be need for improvisations and resolutions based on new learnings and unforeseen challenges. We are an apple authorised reseller and we are always ready and to support you in such times – in terms of advice, technical knowledge and on-site support. 




Case Study

The largest deployment of iPads in an Indian School

In May 2019, we received a request for iPad bulk purchase for education, and implementation of 7,000 devices to enable remote learning for students. It was not surprising coming from a school which had always focused on technology in education, but this implementation was required in an ambitious timeline of 2 weeks. 

We got to work on the massive implementation with 50+ engineers. Here we share how it was done, what were the results and our learnings from project.

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